Mudslinger EP


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released April 4, 2014

Guitar/Vocals-James Seymour
Bass/Backing Vocals-Andrew Read
Drums/Backing Vocals-Robert Lowry

All songs written by James Seymour
Produced by Nathan Sheehy and Wasters at Jungle Studios
Mixed by Nathan Sheehy
Mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios 301

EP Artwork - Photos by Nicole Delprado, Design/Layout by James Seymour



all rights reserved


WASTERS Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Lie Still
Oh honey come on over
I don’t wanna hold your hand
You’re like a four leaf clover
The way you understand
It aint so bad

What really gets me messy
Lets not be too obscure
Before you I was a dead beetroot
It scares me we're already 24

As you’re moving the moon
In the glare of the sunlight
I’m the pinch at the end of your dream
All the rainbows are cracked
All the ocean is anchors
There is nothing to do but lie still

I whisper in your ear
Don’t know what makes you tick
We just keep throwing shit
To see if any sticks

Come on
Lie Still
Track Name: Mudslinger
I pray to god and I swear it’s true
That I’m never gunna ever end up like you
And once you’re done slinging mud I’m gunna tell you

Well a worm never tried to look me in the eye
And a dog never tires of trying to make you smile
But since you’re so good at digging holes, might have to bury you

There is nothing you can do
There is nothing you can say
We are only passing through
We are cold and cast away

So when you wake up late and your ego’s stung
I’m still the faggot Christ with the acid tongue
I've got blood on my shirt from the heart on my sleeve
And a mouth so full of shit that I can barely breathe
So chew on that for a while and get back to me

There is no return to satisfaction
Until I rain on your parade
Oh! Oh!
Track Name: Long Year
I spent a long year entwined in your pigtails
Following your tail
Dining on entrails

You spent a long year pretending that you weren’t lost
But the belt of your boss was
Stained with your lip gloss

Now I can show you how to go
From way up high to way down low
I have been there long ago

So flatten the dog ears of this long year
I was just stemming the blood loss
Forgetting who I was

Its been a long year entwined in your pigtails
Track Name: 1999
You said
"I wanna leave this world changed for the better
When the heavy sky turns me to dust"
You cut down your hours to focus on obstetrics
Said 1999 can’t come soon enough

Frozen night
Blinded by the car headlights

So please
I need you to be here with me
I need you now you don’t have me

Remember when we thought the world was ending
Before winter wrapped you round a tree
I did the best I could before I gave in
Let 1999 have the best of me

Evil thoughts
Creeping in the open doors

Frozen night
Blinded by the car headlights
You’ll never count them all

Evil thoughts
Creeping in the open doors
We never had a chance
Track Name: Simple Life
We live where the focus is blurred
Down where the water is burnt
You try to have something to say
But the words just keep slipping away

And it melts my mind
The way you spend your time
That you still have the gall to tell me what is right

I’ll have a simple life

If I was a shot in the dark
Then you were the brightest spark
If I had just one thing to say
I’d say don’t let your hope fade away

I wont let myself
Be defined by someone else
Or what they earn
Or what they say that I am worth

If I could only meet
The kid I used to be
I’d tell him things are not as cruel as they might seem
And you can’t burn the field to keep the snakes out
Without killing the seeds
Hold on one day you’ll get a simple life